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Friday, June 30, 1967 @ 0900
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North Vietnam report that U.S. war planes bomb British, Chinese and Italian ships in Haiphong

Ship's locationHaiphong (North Vietnam)Port of RegistryHong Kong

In 1967 the United States was heavily engaged in a war against North Vietnam and units of U.S. land, sea and air forces battled, bombed and bombarded enemy positions.

   The North Vietnamese News Agency reported that two American war planes bombed the port of Haiphong and, in the air raid, bombs hit the British ship KINGFORD, registered in Hong Kong, also the Chinese ship HONG QI and the Italian ship BERTAIN.

   This was the first attack on Haiphong since June 2 when the Soviet Russian ship TURKESTAN was hit by fire from U.S. aircraft.

   The U.S. State Department indicated that they would investigate the claims of damage to the ships.