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Saturday, September 4, 1954 @ 1820
MAIPURA (1952-1972 Cargo liner 509 feet long of T & J Brocklebank, Liverpool) Own Page

Brocklebank Line's MAIPURA arrives at Glasgow to unload then load for Indian Ports via Birkenhead

Arrived fromCalcutta (India) via LiverpoolPort of RegistryLiverpool (England)
Arrived in berth8 West Basin, Yorkhill, Glasgow
Sailing forIndian Ports via Birkenhead
Sailed from berth8 West Basin, Yorkhill, Glasgow
Draught forward on arrival13' 06"
Draught aft on arrival19' 03"
Cargo carried on arrival311 tons of general cargo inwards
Commenced discharge of inward cargo0800 on 6th September
Stevedore discharging inward cargoClutha Stevedores
Completed discharge of inward cargo1500 on 8th September
Commened loading outward cargo0800 on 10th September
Outward cargo1,000 tons of general cargo
Stevedore loading outward cargoClutha Stevedores
Completed loading outward cargo1100 on 18th September
Draught forward on sailing12' 06"
Draught aft on sailing19' 01"
Ships agentPatrick Henderson Company, 95 Bothwell Street, Glasgow