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Monday, March 20, 1967 @ 1715
PEISANDER (1967-1978 Cargo ship 564 feet overall of Ocean Transport Blue Funnel Line, Liverpool) Own Page

Alfred Holt's new ship PEISANDER arrives at King George V Dock, Glasgow for her maiden voyage

Arrived from54 Stobcross Quay, Glasgow (with her head east)Port of RegistryLiverpool (England, U.K.)
Arrived in berth3 King George V Dock, Glasgow (with her head south)
Sailing forSingapore via Birkenhead
Sailed from berth3 King George V Dock, Glasgow (with her head south)
Draught forward on arrival16' 01"
Draught aft on arrival22' 01"
Cargo carried on arrivalLight-ship (= empty of cargo = no cargo on board)
Commened loading outward cargo0800 on 21st March
Outward cargoGeneral cargo 750 tons
Stevedore loading outward cargoStrathclyde Stevedores
Completed loading outward cargo1115 on 29th March
Draught forward on sailing17' 11"
Draught aft on sailing22' 10"
Vessel bunkered23rd March bunkered 180 tons of fuel oil from oiler CLANITY
Ships agentRoxburgh, Colin Scott & Co. Ltd., 69 Buchanan Street, Glasgow, C. 1.