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Sunday, August 26, 1962 @ 2335
TOSTERO (1957- 1966 Ore carrier 502 feet long of Rederi A/B Regin / Knut Kallstrom, Stockholm) Own Page

Swedish Ore Carrier TOSTERO arrives at General Terminus Quay, Glasgow with Iron Ore from Sweden

Arrived fromLulea (Sweden)Port of RegistryStockholm (Sweden)
Arrived in berthGeneral Terminus Quay, Glasgow Net Tonnage5,695
Sailing forRotterdam (Netherlands)Gross Tonnage9,577
Sailed from berthGeneral Terminus Quay, Glasgow (Pilot Copeland, 2 Clyde Shipping tugs, canted Prince's Dock entranceDeadweght Tonnage13,950
Draught forward on arrival27' 10"
Draught aft on arrival29' 02"
Cargo carried on arrivalIron Ore 13,238 tons
Commenced discharge of inward cargo0600 on 27th August
Stevedore discharging inward cargoColvilles Ltd.
Completed discharge of inward cargo2140 on 27th August
Draught forward on sailing4' 02"
Draught aft on sailing19' 08"
Vessel on groundVessel on ground, even keel, draught forward 26' 08" and aft 27' 00"
Ships agentJenkins & Company

  Interestingly ... see our Event dated 11th September 1964 ... when

TOSTERO was inbound with Iron Ore to Glasgow she collided

with the British India cruise liner DEVONIA which was berthed

at Princes Pier, Greenock, causing serious damage to the liner.