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Saturday, September 14, 1957 @ 0345
MARGARET BOWATER (1955-1968 General cargo ship / Newsprint carrier 430 feet long of Bowater Steamship Co., / Furness Withy / Cayzer Irvine, London : 1971 scrapped at Kaohsiung, Taiwan) Own Page

MARGARET BOWATER arrives at Meadowside Quay, Glasgow with Newsprint and 3 Passengers

Arrived fromCornerbrook (Newfoundland)Port of RegistryLondon (England, U.K.)
Arrived in berth1 Meadowside Quay, Glasgow (with her head east)Net Tonnage3,537
Sailing forCornerbrook (Newfoundland)Gross Tonnage6,481
Sailed from berth1 Meadowside Quay, Glasgow (with her head east)Deadweght Tonnage8,345
Draught forward on arrival20' 07"
Draught aft on arrival24' 06"
Cargo carried on arrivalNewsprint 4,215 tons and 3 passengers
Commenced discharge of inward cargo0800 on 14th September
Stevedore discharging inward cargoClutha Stevedoring Co .Ltd.,, Prince's Dock, Glasgow, S.W.1. Telephone IBRox 1233
Completed discharge of inward cargo1600 on 19th September
Outward cargo1 X lift of 15 tons
Heavy lifts loaded20th September at 1330 loaded 1 X lift of 15 tons
Draught forward on sailing11' 00"
Draught aft on sailing19' 09"
Ships agentAnchor Line and Furness Withy