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So far there are 13,339 individual entries relating to ships and shipping in Glasgow and the Clyde and worldwide, - British and foreign vessels - Passenger Liners, cargo ships, container ships, tramps, tankers, coasters, puffers, tugs, Clyde steamers, harbour craft, Naval ships, shipbuilding, etc  ........ and more details are added every day.

 An example  :  Voyages 97 and 98 of Donaldson Line's CORINALDO and her unexpected call at Saint Helena to land the injured ship's carpenter


  Voyage 97    Captain R. Allan


17 December 1650 left London for Las Palmas

24 December 0149 arrived Las Palmas (Gran Canaria, Spain)

27 December 2100 left Las Palmas for Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)


8 January 1016 arrived Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)

11 January 0615 left Rio Grande do Sul for Montevideo (Uruguay)

12 January 0659 arrived Montevideo

13 January 2358 left Montevideo for Buenos Aires (Argentina)

14 January 1156 arrived Buenos Aires

15 January 1730 left Buenos Aires for La Plata (Argentina)

15 January 2134 arrived La Plata

19 January 2010 left La Plata for Buenos Aires (Argentina)

20 January 0153 arrived Buenos Aires

20 January 1815 left Buenos Aires for Montevideo (Uruguay)

21 January 0708 arrived Montevideo

21 January 2100 left Montevideo for Vigo (Spain)

6 February 2000 arrived Vigo

9 February 1730 left Vigo for Rotterdam (Netherlands)

12 February 0548 arrived Rotterdam

15 February 1500 left Rotterdam for London (UK)

16 February 0720 arrived London.   Vessel in contact with pier of

King George V Dock, London

Voyage 97 completed



Voyage 98   Captain R. Allan

26 February 0700 Vessel delivered on Time Charter to Perishable

Products Export Control Board, Cape Town.   Agents Union Castle

Mail Steam Ship Company Limited.

26 February 1200 left London for Las Palmas (Gran Canaria, Spain)

3 March 1756 arrived Las Palmas

4 March 0430 left Las Palmas for Port Elizabeth (South Africa)

12 March 1834 Vessel put in to Saint Helena (part of the British

Overseas Territory of Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha)

to land ship’s carpenter E. Bortie, an accident case.

12 March 2134 left Saint Helena for Port Elizabeth

19 March 1028 arrived Port Elizabeth

21 March 2000 left Port Elizabeth for Cape Town (South Africa)

23 March 0857 arrived Cape Town

25 March 2147 left Cape Town for Antwerp (Belgium)

12 April 1713 arrived Antwerp

13 April 1520 left Antwerp for London

14 April 0635 arrived London

19 April 0700 vessel redelivered from time charterers to Donaldson Line

Voyage 98 completed.


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        The aim of this nostalgic website is to record the visits of vessels to Glasgow Docks and the River Clyde and other ports in Britain and often worldwide, generally through the years 1950 to 1975 and sometimes earlier and sometimes later, and to describe any events of local shipping and overseas interest - and vessel movements at other Clyde ports and harbours, and memories from the docks and yards and dry-docks.                 Such a free and vastly detailed store of information will be of immense assistance to researchers, historians, enthusiasts and the general public who may need to find information on certain ships and shipping on the Clyde and often elsewhere.

It is intended to add items on a daily basis. There is an enormous amount to do, and it will take time.


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Vessel arrivals and sailings and articles are often input in a varied basis, very often at the specific request of a viewer.   Generally speaking, entries so far (including those which are being planned and prepared) include :

KGV Dock, Shieldhall Riverside and Shieldhall Wharf, Glasgow

General Terminus, Kingston Dock, Bridge Wharf, Springfield and Mavisbank Quays, Glasgow

Queen's Dock, Stobcross and Yorkhill Quays, Glasgow

Elderslie Drydocks dockings and undockings, Glasgow 

Broomielaw, Lancefield, Anderston, Clyde Place and Custom House Quays, Glasgow

Merklands and Meadowside Quays, Glasgow 

Prince's Dock, Plantation Quay, Govan Dry-Docks, Glasgow 

Rothesay Dock, Clydebank, and Pudzeoch (Renfrew)

Ardrossan Harbour

Ardrossan Shipyard and Drydock

Ayr and Troon Harbours

Ross & Marshall coastal vessel diaries

Bowling Watch House and Bowling Harbour, River Clyde

Dunglass and Old Kilpatrick oil depots, River Clyde 

Arnott Young Shipbreakers at Dalmuir, Glasgow

Govan Watch House, Glasgow

Irvine Harbour 1950's to 1990's

Donaldson Line archive material and their vessel diaries

Clyde Pilot Handbook of 1930

Ailsa Shipyard at Troon

Anchor Line's SIDONIA maiden voyage in 1961

Anchor Line's choice pilots at Glasgow from 1960's

Patrick Henderson (Paddy Henderson) Line material.

Greenock ship movements

Clyde steamers attending Liners at Greenock from 1945 to 1948

Clyde steamer timetable for 1955

Clyde Emergency Port Anchorage in WW2

Transatlantic ship diaries for before 1900

Articles about shipping from 1850 to the present day

and very many vessel movements worldwide 1950's to 1980's


As you will appreciate, there is a massive amount of information still to be input, and if you can help to key the data to the site (the data will be provided to you), or have details of any of the ships or paintings or images which you can contribute, please contact us at the "Contact Us" tab at the top of the page.

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