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Friday, January 1, 1960 @ 0000
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1960 Advertisment for Nippon Yusen Kaisha Line

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Friday, January 1, 1960 @ 0000
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1960 Advertisment for C H Bailey Dry Dock owners and Ship Repairers in Wales and Malta

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Friday, January 1, 1960 @ 0000
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1960 Advertisment for Grayson, Rollo & Clover Docks Ltd. on the Mersey for Repairs and Tank Cleaning

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Tuesday, March 8, 1966 @ 0800
SERBISTAN (1966-1973 General cargo liner of Frank C. Strick, London) Own Page

Frank C. Strick's SERBISTAN opens for receiving cargo at Glasgow for Persian Gulf

Ship's locationGlasgow (Scotland, U.K.)Port of RegistryLondon (UK)
Sailing forPersian GulfGross Tonnage8,985
Ships agentFrank C.Strick & Co. (Glasgow) Ltd., 95 Bothwell Street, Glasgow C 2 Telephone CITy 6131










Receiving  Glasgow  …………. 8th – 17th  March 1966







Receiving  Grangemouth  ………. 10th  - 17th  March 1966






For  further  details  apply

FRANK  C.  STRICK  &  CO.  (Glasgow)  LTD.,

95  Bothwell  Street,  Glasgow  C 2

Telephone  CITy  6131  


News Event

Wednesday, April 10, 1957 @ 0525
IXION (1951-1972 Passenger/cargo liner 523 feet long of Blue Funnel Line, Liverpool) Own Page

Alfred Holt's Blue Funnel liner IXION arrives in Glasgow from Sydney (Australia) via Liverpool

Arrived fromSydney (Australia) via LiverpoolPort of RegistryLiverpool
Arrived in berth3 King George V Dock, Glasgow with her head southGross Tonnage10,125
Sailing forSydney (Australia) via Liverpool
Sailed from berth1/2 King George V Dock, Glasgow with her head south
Draught forward on arrival20' 05"
Draught aft on arrival22' 08"
Cargo carried on arrivalGeneral cargo
Commenced discharge of inward cargo0800 on 10th April
Stevedore discharging inward cargoRenfrew Stevedore Company
Completed discharge of inward cargo2030 on 15th April
Commened loading outward cargo16th April at 0800
Outward cargo1,700 tons of general cargo
Stevedore loading outward cargoRenfrew Stevedores Company
Completed loading outward cargo26th April at 1700
Draught forward on sailing19' 10"
Draught aft on sailing22' 09"
Ships agentAlfred Holt

   The 523-feet long Blue Funnel passenger / cargo liner IXION arrived in Glasgow at 0625 on 10th April 1957.   She had come from Sydney (Australia) via Liverpool and berthed at berth 3 King George V Dock, Shieldhall, Glasgow with her head south and her draught forward being 20’ 05” and aft 22’ 08”.


   Renfrew Stevedoring Company commenced unloading her inward (= to be unloaded in Glasgow) general cargo at 0800 on 10th April and completed discharging at 2030 on 15th April.


   At noon on 17th April IXION, then drawing 16’ 00” forward and 21’ 06” aft shifted astern from King George V Dock and moved astern a short distance downriver to Elderslie Drydock where she entered the Drydock for a short routine maintenance.   She left the Drydock on 19th April and returned to King George V Dock at 1530, berthing in berth 1/2  with her head south and draught forward 16’ 01” and aft 21’ 05”.


     Renfrew Stevedoring Company commenced loading her 1,700 tons of outward (= to be loaded in Glasgow to be taken by the vessel to some other port) general cargo at 0800 on 16th April and completed loading at 1700 on 26th April.


   On 20th April at 1000 she shifted 30 feet astern in her berth


   Having finished loading at 1700 IXION, draught forward 19’ 10” and aft 22’ 09” prepared for sea, and, at 1900 on 26th April, two tugs pulled her from the berth and towed her stern-first from the Dock and then canted (turned) her in the River Clyde and IXION made her way down-river to the sea and on her passage to Liverpool to complete loading of more cargo for Sydney (Australia).


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Saturday, January 1, 1977 @ 0000
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1977 Advertisment for Seaspan International Ltd.Towage and Salvage of Vancouver B.C., Canada

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Saturday, January 1, 1977 @ 0000
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1977 Advertisment for Association of Maryland Pilots, Baltimore, U.S.A.

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Saturday, January 1, 1977 @ 0000
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1977 Advertisment for Belgian North Sea Pilotage, Antwerp

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Saturday, August 9, 1952 @ 1000
THIS DATE IS APPROXIMATE, and is our best estimate of the correct date
GRACIA (1946-1953 General cargo ship of Donaldson Line, Glasgow) Own Page

Donaldson Line's 1942-built cargo ship GRACIA at Glasgow

Ship's locationGlasgow (Scotland, UK)Port of RegistryGlasgow (UK)
Gross Tonnage7,040

News Event

Sunday, May 12, 1957 @ 1100
THIS DATE IS APPROXIMATE, and is our best estimate of the correct date
EURYMEDON (1947-1952 then 1957-1958 General cargo ship of Alfred Holt's Blue Funnel Line, Liverpool) Own Page

Alfred Holt's 1943-built cargo ship EURYMEDON at Glasgow

Ship's locationGlasgow (Scotland, UK)Port of RegistryLiverpool (England)
Gross Tonnage7,314

News Event

Friday, February 13, 1959 @ 1700
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Royal Mail Lines announce a new cargo service to Costa Rica and Nicaragua

Ship's locationLondon (UK)
Sailing forPorts in Central and South America


   Royal Mail Lines Limited of London have announced a new cargo service from London to Costa Rica and Nicaragua.


   The service, starting on February 13, will operate on about monthly intervals and offers direct discharge at Punta Arenas in Costa Rica, at Corinto in Nicaragua, La Libertad in El Salvador and at San Jose de Guatemala in Guatemala.


   Cargo will be accepted on through rates of freight from Glasgow and Leith, via London, to all of these destinations.


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Tuesday, February 3, 1959 @ 1900
DATE is correct but ACTUAL TIME is not known - any TIME SHOWN is our estimate for guidance only
PORT MONTREAL (1954-1972 Refrigerated cargo liner of Port Line, London) Own Page

Sailing Notice for PORT MONTREAL from Grangemouth on 3rd February 1959 to Australia

Ship's locationGrangemouth (Firth of Forth, Scotland)Port of RegistryLondon (UK)
Ships agentGeneral Steam Navigation Company Limited, 91 Bothwell Street, Glasgow, C 3Gross Tonnage7,179





m.v. “ PORT MONTREAL ”  ......  3rd February 1959



 Further details from


91 Bothwell Street,  Glasgow,  C 3

News Event

Monday, January 12, 1959 @ 1000
STRATHNAVER (1931-1962 Passenger liner of P & O Line, London) Own Page

Woman stowaway from Adelaide on P & O's STRATHNAVER is allowed to continue on the ship to London

Ship's locationOn board P & O's liner STRATHNAVER homeward bound in the Indian OceanPort of RegistryLondon (England, UK)


   A 19-year-old woman who stowed away on the P & O Liner STRATHNAVER at Adelaide, Australia had good news when she was told that she was being allowed to continue on the ship to London instead of being put ashore at Aden and returned to Australia.

   The woman’s mother had visited a shipping agent’s office in Glasgow and made arrangements to pay her daughter’s fare.

   The woman, who had lived near Glasgow, had emigrated to Australia under the £10 assisted passage scheme – whereby the intending emigrant pays £10 and the Australian Government pays the additional cost of travel to Australia.   A requirement is that the person agrees to reside in Australia for a minimum of two years.

   In this case the Australian Authorities have agreed to waive the two year rule.


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Monday, July 30, 1956 @ 1030
THIS DATE IS APPROXIMATE, and is our best estimate of the correct date
CLAN SHAW (1950-1960 General cargo ship of Cayzer Irvine / Clan Line, Glasgow) Own Page

CLAN SHAW at berth 6, floating crane NEWSHOT at berth 5 and Alfred Holt's AENEAS at berth 4

Ship's locationKing George V Dock, GlasgowPort of RegistryGlasgow

News Event

Friday, January 2, 1959 @ 1600
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LINCOLN (1958-1975 Oil tanker 558 feet long of Federal Steam Navigation Company, London : Scrapped in 1978) Own Page

Federal Steam Navigation's tanker LINCOLN suffers heavy-weather damage and shelters in Belfast Lough

Ship's locationBelfast Lough (Northern Ireland)Port of RegistryLondon (UK)
Net Tonnage7,050
Gross Tonnage12,772
Deadweght Tonnage19,298


   The brand-new tanker LINCOLN, on her maiden voyage from the Clyde to Houston (Texas) suffered damage in a severe storm in the North Atlantic and was forced to seek shelter in Belfast Lough.

   The vessel had left the Clyde yesterday and, 36 hours after leaving, the Master considered that the heavy-weather damage to the ship was too severe and he decided to make for Belfast Lough for shelter and to make repairs.

   LINCOLN is a 558-feet long 12,772 gross ton oil tanker which was launched on 11th September 1958 by John Brown Shipbuilders at Clydebank for the Federal Steam Navigation Company of London, part of the great P & O Shipping Group.

   The ship was on passage to Houston to load a cargo of oil which she would bring to the U.K.


News Event

Thursday, March 30, 1961 @ 1700
CALEDONIA (1948-1965 Passenger - Cargo Liner 506 feet long of Anchor Line, Glasgow) Own Page

Anchor Line's CALEDONIA closes for cargo at Birkenhead on 30 March 1961 for Pakistan and India

Ship's locationEast Float, East Quay, BirkenheadPort of RegistryGlasgow
Gross Tonnage11252








                              Closing for cargo     Glasgow       Birkenhead


(1)  CALEDONIA  …………………………….................    March 30


(2)  (3)  (4)  EGIDIA  ………………........  April 6  …..  April 14 


(1)  Karachi cargo by special arrangement only.


(2)  Port Said cargo not accepted at Glasgow


(3)  Not loading for Karachi


(4)  Takes cargo for Kandia (if inducement)











(r)   ALAUNIA ….  Receiving Glasgow March 16 / March 22


(r)   ANDANIA …  Receiving Glasgow March 30 / April 5


(r)  Refrigerated space available















 IRISH MAPLE …..  Receiving Glasgow March 22 / April 4








 FAIR HEAD  ……..  Receiving Glasgow March 27 / March 31



Loading Berths —  Yorkhill Quay, Glasgow


East Float, East Quay, Birkenhead






News Event

Sunday, July 16, 2017 @ 1500
Own Page

Quiz number 1


Quiz  number  1

by  Jim Jarvie  (Paisley, Scotland)

 Test yourself on questions about ships and shipping and ports.



( a )  World ports and places.

1.   In the 1950’s and 60’s Port Swettenham in Malaysia was a very common call by cargo ships.   In 1972 it was renamed.   What is it now called ?   - - - -    - - - - -

 2.   In the 1960’s if you were sailing ALONG THE COAST from the Persian / Arabian Gulf to Calcutta you would pass these ports …. Cochin,  Bombay,  Karachi,  Calicut,  Mangalore.

Now put them in order as you would pass them.    

 3.   Where is Table Mountain ?

 4.   Is it  Medditeranean  or  Mediterranean  or Medditteranean  or  Medditeranean ?

 5.   Hamburg in Germany is on what River ?

 6.   Aden is in which country ?

 7.   Where was Kidderpore Dock ?

 8.   Sailors at Colombo used to go along the coast to visit an imposing seaside hotel.   What was it called ?


 ( b )   Shipping Companies

1.   In the 1950’s Bibby Line of Liverpool served which Far Eastern country ?   - - - - -

2.   Brocklebank Line of Liverpool normally had their own ships names beginning with what letter ?

3.   What British coaster company ships names started with BALLY

4.   Which tanker owning company of Newcastle (England) had their ships names ending in   … FIELD.

5.   Which Company owned / operated OTAIO, HINAKURA, PIAKO in 1960’s ?


( c )  IRON ORE

Name these iron ore loading ports in

1.   Venezuela  - - - - - -    - - - -

2.   Canada    - - - - -    - - - - - - -  or also known as   - - - -   - - - -

3.   Russia    - - - - - - - -

4.   Norway  - - - - - -

5.   Sweden   - - - - -

6.   Liberia   - - - - - - - -

7.   Brasil   - - - - - - - -


( d )  Where were they going to ?

   Furness Withy cargo ships such as PACIFIC STRONGHOLD,  PACIFIC NORTHWEST  and  PACIFIC ENVOY in the 1960’s left UK loaded for North American ports.   Which ports ?


( e )   How well do you know the Clyde

  1.   You have landed on shore at Hunter’s Quay and want to drive direct to the lighthouse on Toward Point.   What towns or villages would you pass through ?

  2.   You are in Tighnabruaich on the west Kyles of Bute, and want to drive to Ardlamont Point.   You will pass through two villages.    What villages ? 

  3.   Dumbarton stands on which river ? 

  4.   On TV News showing golf being played at Turnberry Golf Course, Ayrshire, the camera often shows a lighthouse in the background.   What lighthouse is it ?

  5.   At the southern end of Arran is a small island.   What island ?


( f)   Which large Cunard passenger liner sank with great loss of life on 7 May 1915

 ( g )  Name the six states of Australia, and which state is Brisbane in ?

Answers are to be found on “Events” for 17 July 2017

 This is our first little quiz. If you would like to create a quiz then please do so and e-mail it to us at the “Contact us” tab at the top of the Home Page.


News Event

Friday, March 25, 1966 @ 1700
Own Page

Advertisment in March 1966 by Furness Withy for sailings from Leith (Scotland) to Denmark

Ship's locationLeith (Scotland)
Sailing forDenmark





Cargo taken to and from all parts of

Denmark (except Copenhagen).




and  vice  versa  June 10  to September  10


For further particulars apply to Travel Agents or


Telephone  Leith  1311





News Event

Wednesday, May 4, 1966 @ 1700
MAKRANA (General cargo liner of Brocklebank Line, Liverpool) Own Page

Brocklebank Line's MAKRANA closes for receiving cargo May 4 at Birkenhead for India

Ship's locationBirkenhead (River Mersey, England, UK)Port of RegistryLiverpool (England, UK)




                                                                Glasgow  and  Liverpool




Also  VISAKHAPATNAM  (if inducement offers)


*†‡  MAKRANA   Closing Birkenhead May 4


* Calling  Gibraltar,  Malta,  Tripoli  on  Cunard  berth

  Not  taking  Chalna  cargo

 Closes South Wales port 22 April


All  vessels  have  liberty  to  call  at  other  ports

                                                                        either  on  or  out  of  route


For  particulars  apply  to

P.  HENDERSON  &  CO.  (Agencies)  LTD.,

                                                             95  BOTHWELL  STREET,  GLASGOW,  C. 2.


News Event

Monday, May 5, 1952 @ 1100
THIS DATE IS APPROXIMATE, and is our best estimate of the correct date
LADY ANSTRUTHER (1948- General cargo coaster and explosives carrier of I.C.I. Nobel Explosives Company) Own Page

Working on I.C.I's explosives carrier LADY ANSTRUTHER in Dry Dock date and place unknown

Port of RegistryGlasgow
Reg Tonnage317

News Event

Monday, June 8, 1936 @ 1400
COULMORE (1936-1948 General cargo ship of Lambert Brothers, London) Own Page

Lambert Brothers cargo ship COULMORE at Swansea 8th June 1936

Ship's locationCardiff (Wales, U.K.)Port of RegistryLondon (UK)

News Event

Saturday, June 12, 1954 @ 1400
THIS DATE IS APPROXIMATE, and is our best estimate of the correct date
LADY McGOWAN (1952-1977 Explosives carrier 182 feet long of I.C.I. Nobel Explosives, Glasgow) Own Page

I.C.I's explosives carrier LADY McGOWAN at a date and place unknown

Port of RegistryGlasgow

From the collection of the late Mr. John Sinclair of Irvine, who worked on vessels at Irvine Harbour.

News Event

Sunday, June 1, 1952 @ 1200
THIS DATE IS APPROXIMATE, and is our best estimate of the correct date
KYPROS (1950-1967 then 1967-1971 of Moss Hutchison Line, Liverpool then 1971-1976 P & O General cargo Division) Own Page

Moss Hutchison's KYPROS probably loading explosives from an unknown (possibly I.C.I.) coaster

Port of RegistryLiverpool

News Event

Friday, March 25, 1966 @ 1700
RAVNEFJELL (1955-1967 General cargo liner 304 feet long of A/S Falkefjell / Olsen & Ugelstad, Norway : Scrapped 1985) Own Page

Fjell Oranje Line's RAVNEFJELL closing for receiving cargo at Glasgow on 25th March 1966

Ship's locationGlasgow (Scotland, UK)Port of RegistryOslo (Norway)
Sailing forMontreal, Toronto, Hamilton, Cleveland, Detroit, Milwaukee Chicago
Ships agentJ C Peacock & Co Ltd, 166 Buchanan Street, Glasgow C 1 tel DOUglas 7101 'Grams "Peacock"





From  GLASGOW  by  Direct  Regular  Sailings 


(R)  m.s. RAVNEFJELL   ….  Closing 25 March

Calling  at  MONTREAL,  TORONTO,




(R)  Refrigerated Space

Cargo  must  not  be  delivered  unless  space  previously  booked

Apply :

J.  C  PEACOCK  &  CO.  LTD.,


Phone  DOUglas  7101        Grams  “Peacock”   



News Event

Wednesday, March 9, 1966 @ 0900
QUEEN ELIZABETH (1940-1946 Troopship then 1946-1968 passenger liner of Cunard Line, Liverpool) Own Page

Cunard liner QUEEN ELIZABETH undocks from Firth of Clyde Dry Dock, Greenock, Scotland

Ship's locationFirth of Clyde Dry Dock, Greenock, ScotlandPort of RegistryLiverpool (England, UK)
Vessel MasterCaptain Geoffrey T Marr, Commodore of Cunard LineGross Tonnage83,673


Wednesday 9th March 1966  

 The Cunard liner QUEEN ELIZABETH undocked from the Firth of Clyde Dry Dock at Greenock, having arrived last December, and now completing the main part of a refit costing £1.25million.  The work was being done by John Brown & Company (Clydebank) Ltd., the shipyard who had built the ship 28 years previously.

   With the ship’s Master, Captain Geoffrey T. Marr, Commodore of the Cunard Line, the Clyde Pilot Captain George Howison of Gourock, a choice Pilot of Anchor Line and Cunard Line, took charge of the manoeuvre as 10 tugs assisted the vessel from the Dock to the anchorage at Tail-of-the-Bank.   Pilot Howison had previous experience of handling the liner as he had piloted her into the Dry Dock when she arrived at Greenock.

   As the 1,030 feet long QUEEN ELIZABETH backed out from the Dock in heavy rain she was caught by the strong Force 5 Westerly wind, and, despite strenuous efforts by the attendant tugs, her side gently touched the entrance knuckle of the Dock and caused some paint to be scraped from the liner’s side.

   The ship had been in Dock for about 3 months and, on leaving, a solitary Scottish Piper played tunes on his bagpipes.

   A few days ago a special railway train from Southampton brought nearly 220 crewmen to join the vessel and more will arrive this week and the last will join the ship next week, making a total of about 1,200.

   After leaving the Dock QUEEN ELIZABETH was towed from the Great Harbour and past Custom House Quay, which was crammed with spectators, to anchor at Tail-of-the-Bank, the total operation taking about one-and-a-half hours.

   Crowds of people filled Greenock Esplanade to view the liner as she went past.

   The ship is scheduled to leave the anchorage for Southampton at 2pm (1400) on Saturday and on-board will have around 400 workmen, mostly joiners, electricians and plumbers who will complete the refit.   She is expected to arrive in Southampton at 0400 on Monday.


News Event

Monday, March 28, 1966 @ 1700
BOOKER VALIANCE ( 1963 - 1973 chartered from J H Wessels, Drammen, Norway, by Booker Line, Liverpool) Own Page

BOOKER VALIANCE closes for receiving cargo at Glasgow for Caribbean Islands on 28 March 1966

Ship's locationGlasgow (Scotland, UK)Port of RegistryDrammen (Norway)
Sailing forAntigua, St Kitts and DemeraraGross Tonnage4469
Ships agentP Henderson & Co. (Agencies) Ltd., 95 Bothwell Street, Glasgow C. 2







Closing Glasgow 28th March


P.  HENDERSON  &  CO.  (Agencies)  Ltd.,



News Event

Tuesday, March 29, 1966 @ 1700
PACIFIC STRONGHOLD (1958-1971 Cargo liner 501 feet long of Furness Withy Line, London) Own Page

Furness Withy's PACIFIC STRONGHOLD closes for receiving cargo at Glasgow on 29th March 1966

Ship's locationGlasgow (Scotland, UK)Port of RegistryLondon
Gross Tonnage9,439







* Calls Victoria if inducement offers


s.s.   PACIFIC  STRONGHOLD          Closing  Glasgow March 29 1966




Telephone  CENtral  8193/6

News Event

Monday, June 14, 1937 @ 1000
DUNMORE HEAD (1924-1939 General cargo ship of Head Line, Belfast) Own Page

Head Line's DUNMORE HEAD at Rothesay Dock, Clydebank, Glasgow loading coal from tipping waggons

Ship's location9 Rothesay Dock, Clydebank, GlasgowPort of RegistryBelfast (Northern Ireland)

News Event

Thursday, January 8, 1959 @ 0800
Own Page

Conducting their business in Great Waters around 9th January 1959

January 1959

ARAMAIC left Port Said Jan 7 on passage Brisbane for Hull

ATHLONE CASTLE left Southampton Jan 8 for Durban

AUCKLAND STAR left Sydney Jan 9 for Brisbane

BENALBANACH left Hong Kong Jan 9 for Grangemouth

BENATTOW at Hong Kong Jan 9 from Hull

BENDIGO left Geelong Jan 8 on passage London for Sydney

BENLAWERS at Rejang Jan 8 for Newcastle

BENRINNES left Hull Jan 9 for Antwerp

BENVEG left Bangkok Jan 9 for Singapore

BLOEMFONTEIN CASTLE left Gravesend Jan 9 for Beira

CARTHAGE at Suez Jan 8 for London

CHUSAN left Colombo Jan 8 for Kobe

CITY OF COVENTRY from Kobe at Hull Jan 7

CITY OF DURHAM left Aden Jan 7 for Bombay

CITY OF KIMBERLEY left Port Said Jan 8 for London

CITY OF PERTH at Dakar Jan 8 for London

DOMINION MONARCH at Sydney Jan 9 from London

EDINBURGH CASTLE at Southampton Jan 9 from Durban

HIMALAYA at Colombo Jan 9 for London

HINAKURA left Auckland Jan 9 for London

KENILWORTH CASTLE left Lourenco Marques Jan 8 for Beira

KOHIMA at Takoradi Jan 8 on passage Lagos for Liverpool

NEW ZEALAND STAR left Cape Town Jan 7 for Beira

OTAIO left Auckland Jan 9 for Avonmouth

PORT DUNEDIN at Bluff Jan 9 for London

PORT NAPIER at Auckland Jan 9 for Dunedin

PRETORIA CASTLE left Cape Town Jan 9 for Durban

QUEEN MARY at Southampton Jan 8 from New York

QUEENSLAND STAR left Gravesend Jan 9 for Brisbane

SOUTHERN CROSS left Suez Jan 8 for Wellington

STIRLING CASTLE at East London Jan 9 for Southampton

STRATHEDEN at Suez Jan 8 for London


News Event

Monday, January 5, 1959 @ 0800
DATE is correct but ACTUAL TIME is not known - any TIME SHOWN is our estimate for guidance only
ARGONAFTIS (1946-1958 Submarine 204 feet long (64m) U-15 of the Hellenic Navy, Greece Own Page

Greek submarine ARGONAFTIS (formerly H.M.S. VIRULENT) found drifting in Bay of Biscay

Ship's locationBay of Biscay, about 40 miles north of San SebastianPort of RegistryGreece


   Fishermen on two Spanish fishing trawlers had the biggest catch of their lives when they found an unmanned Greek submarine in the Bay of Biscay, about 40 miles north of San Sebastian.

   The submarine, formerly H.M.S. VIRULENT, a V-class submarine of the Royal Navy had been on loan to the Royal Hellenic Navy of Greece since 1946 and had been renamed ARGONAFTIS by them.

   In November 1958 it was decided to scrap the submarine and, unmanned, she left Malta under tow by a tug to the ship breakers on the River Tyne, England.

   However, in the Bay of Biscay on 15th December she broke away from the tug towing her and drifted ashore on the coast of northern Spain   

   On 5th January the Spanish trawlers found her drifting and, with the Spanish naval sloop HERNAN CORTES, the submarine was towed to Pasajes in Spain.

Additional note : In 1961 she was sold to a Spanish ship breaker and broken up at Pasajes in April 1961.


Latest Comments

This shows the 30 latest comments.


SUNBEAR of Saguenay Terminals.


   In 1962 Saguenay had chartered a general cargo ship named SUNBEAR.   Does anyone have details of this vessel ?


Can anyone identify or help with a cargo ship AUSTERLAND around 1955-1960 ?

Captain Bryn Wayt writes :

 My father fitted a T/V to a ship that visited the Clyde around the years 1955-60 and I accompanied my him to assist - I was young and have only a limited memory of the event.
The 'Master' invited us both to sail with him "around the world" - so my guess was it was a long-range merchant vessel. It was NOT a "liner" but more of an "ocean freighter".
The name that sticks in my limited memory bank is the "AUSTERLAND".
I've tried various sources to find her, but have not been successful.
I was born and bred in
Glasgow, but I was not acquainted with the Dock in which the ship was anchored to narrow the search.
It was there for at least a week, as the "Master" visited my father's shop and asked for a T/V to be fitted in his vessel.
It took a little time to gather the required bits and bobs to accommodate the order that's why I say a week all told in dock.
Anybody who can give me a clue where to look would be thanked in customer fashion.


James Jeffries replies :

   I saw the message from Captain Wayt and I don’t know off-hand of AUSTERLAND but the name makes me think of AUSTRALIND of the Australind Steam Shipping Company / Bethell, Gwyn & Trinder Anderson & Company, London.

    AUSTRALIND was a 7,214 gross ton tramp cargo ship and was built in 1944 by William Denny & Brothers, Dumbarton, for Australind,  and in 1959 was sold to Argus Steam Ship Company, Liberia and renamed PORTALON.

   In 1972 she was scrapped in Santander, Spain.

However it’s an interesting problem and I’ll start looking for an AUSTERLAND



Billy MacAulay (Moderator and Senior Member) writes :


   I have never heard of AUSTERLAND, but as Jim says AUSTRALIND is a possibility as Trinder Anderson vessels were visitors – though not too frequently – to Glasgow.


   But I will also look for AUSTERLAND and being a cargo ship will search at Queen’s and Prince’s Docks and surroundings.   It will take some time as there is a lot to plough through.




   Why was LADY McGOWAN IN Loch Riddon ?


 The small I.C.I. explosives carrying coaster LADY McGOWAN was in Loch Riddon on 29 November 1953.


   Loch Riddon is a small Loch situated near Tighnabruaich in the Kyles of Bute, a lonely and sparsely populated hilly area off the main area known as Firth of Clyde, Scotland.


   Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions as to the reason why LADY McGOWAN would be in this unusual locality ?


John Kelly's coaster BALLYCLARE in late 1953.

   In our entries for this ship it is difficult to read the Master's name... possibly Capt. Crab.   Anyone know if this is correct ?



Small boat sailor writes from Inverkip :




   I see that motor launches P.D.1 and 8641 passed King George V Dock, Glasgow in January 1967.   Their names vaguely ring a bell in my memory but I don’t remember anything about them.


   Does anyone know anything of these two launches ?


Just a guess could P.D.1 refer to the launch being the mooring rope boat in Prince’s Dock ?




Mystery of CVC or CUC in Prince’s Dock area of Glasgow


 In 1958 the Clyde Shipping Company’s coaster PLADDA

 was listed as berthed in CVC ….. or CUC …… in Prince’s Dock

 area in Glasgow.


   Does anyone know where CVC or CUC was ?



Pacific Steam Navigation’s KENUTA at Puna in 1957


Tom Hayworth e-mails :


Your homepage shows KENUTA at Puna in 1957.   Where is Puna ?


Ben Line’s Far-East coaster BENVEG in 1957


Leith Man e-mails

I was very surprised to see your entry for BENVEG in January 1957

for BENVEG as I had never heard of her.


Anyone have any more information please ?



Harry Cochrane e-mails :and conveniently close to the city centre. With restaurants, casino, bingo, bowling, cinema and hotel, everything you need is at The Quay.

For a good few years what was Springfield Quay in Glasgow has been redeveloped into an entertainment area with a cinema, hotel, casino and restaurants.   There was always a big sign at the entrance reading "SPRINGFIELD QUAY" but now the sign has been removed and replaced with a much smaller and more modern one saying "THE QUAY"

It's sad to have the last of the great Glasgow dockside quayside names disappear from public view.

aand conveniently close to the city centre. With restaurants, casino, bingo, bowling, cinema and hotel, everything you need is at The Quay.nd conveniently close to the city centre. With restaurants, casino, bingo, bowling, cinema and hotel, everything you need is at The Quay.


 From Michael Irwin (
When: 16 September 2016 15:09
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I have a very short video posted on youtube of a porthole that I am trying to identify. It is more than likely WW1 era. Glass window is 14" in diameter and the entire assembly weighs 132 lbs. The name of the youtube video is Mystery Ship Porthole and I will leave a link. Thanks


LASHERCIA ..... A Spanish coaster in 1962

   Does anyone have information on LASHERCIA which was trading around the Irish Sea and Liverpool in 1962 ?


Clyde Navigation Trust launches GARMOYLE and DUNGLASS

Jim Allison writes : I see from arrivals and sailings that the Clyde Navigation Trust launches GARMOYLE and DUNGLASS were busy on the River, even in the middle of the night.  What was their occupation ?


Carrickfergus (Northern Ireland) in January 1963.

From Sean R  (Larne, Northern Ireland)

   Thanks very much for showing the ships bringing explosives from Irvine to Carrickfergus in January 1963.   After 53 years I've now found out the two ships in the photographs, CASCADE the Dutch coaster and LADY ANSTRUTHER of ICI.    Sean R.


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Netherlands coaster MADO in 1963

   In January 1963 the Groningen registered coaster MADO was at Irvine, Scotland, having arrived with a cargo of 200 tons of fertilizer from Rotterdam.   Does anyone have any information or details of this ship




I see from the sailing notices (such as in SYDNEY STAR) that cargoes for Beira in East Africa are often accepted by special arrangement only.  Why by special arrangement ?

  Charlie and Misty Fennelly, New Jersey. U.S.A.


Holland America cargo ship DUIVENDYK

Holland America cargo ship DUIVENDYK was at Glasgow from August 27 1959 to September 2 1959 loading scrap metal for Japan.   Does anyone have any information about this vessel.


Information needed on cargo ship KORBACH in 1958


KORBACH was closing for receiving cargo in Glasgow on 25 July 1958 and loading for the Great Lakes, Detroit and Chicago.    She was probably on a charter by Anchor Line or Head Line or Cunard Line.


Does anyone have any information on KORBACH ?


“Conducting their business in Great Waters” series

Just to say how much we enjoy reading your “Conducting their business in Great Waters” series.   Really good to read of BENDORAN at Zamboanga and DURBAN CASTLE at St. Helena Island and British India’s KENYA at Zanzibar. And Misty appreciates the diary of Donaldson Line's LETITIA that you included for her.  This is the only website that brings the voyages to life.   Even the kids read it and are sure learning their world geography.   Charlie and Misty Fennelly,  New Jersey. U.S.A (Misty was born in Canada and her family were Pilots on Saint Lawrence)


On 5th January 1957 Alfred Holt's Blue Funnel CALCHAS was at Pulo Bokom.   It's not on Wikipedia.   Where is Pulo Bokom ?

Mandy Skinner writes :
   I teach Modern Studies and Geography and my classes use this amazing website to learn of the trade and shipping business on the Clyde from the 1950's, and how the Port of Glasgow and Britain supplied to, and received goods from, every part of the world.
   However, as a non-sailor, I am mystified as to the actual meanings of some descriptions regarding ships.   Can someone please enlighten me ?
   The terms are
   Gross tonnage
   Net tonnage
   Deadweight tonnage
   Loading coal or oil bunkers / bunkered
   The ship was "ranging"
   On the ground
   Bad spillage while unloading cargo  (I would have thought that any spillage was bad)
   Dragging her anchor
   Hopper barge
   Canting in Prince's Dock
   Shifting along the wall
   Palm oil cargo
   Weatherbound / Windbound 
   Cleaning tanks  (as in the ship TULIPBANK)
   Fitting out
   Thank you,   Mandy Skinner


A question about Alfred Holt and the King George V Dock in Glasgow

Jim Alison e-mails :   Your event of 25th August 1958 tells that Blue Funnel's PELEUS loaded a 6-ton lift by "Holt's crane".   Did Alfred Holt have a company crane at Glasgow, or could it be the ship's own derrick that was used. ?

CLAN MACINTOSH and help needed on the origin of three launches loaded at Glasgow.

On 9th July 1958 CLAN MACINTOSH loaded 3 launches by her own gear at Glasgow.   The launches came from "Mechano / Medano.   Please have a look at the image, which has been enlarged, and see if you can throw some light on the launches.

Scottish motor coaster PIBROCH built in 1956 by Scott & Sons of Bowling

Does anyone have details of her owners and employment after being sold by Scottish Malt Distillers Company ?

CAN YOU HELP  The oilers "Invertest, Apexity and Clanity" are noted as daily supplying bunker fuel oil to vessels. Have you any images or information on these three ships. ? 

A. Manson replies: Apexity and Clanity were owned by F.T Everard later taken over by Fisher.

CAN YOU HELP   Ore ships at General Terminus Quay .....when leaving, they left Terminus Quay astern.... where were they turned, to go downriver ahead.  Did they turn in Princes Dock...or at Yorkhill Basin...or at King George V Dock ?

  A. Manson replies "Ore carriers leaving General Terminus Quay were canted at Princes Dock ; the area inside the entrance was known as the Canting Basin."

CAN YOU HELP   Glasgow fire-boat "St. Mungo"    Billy and Terry Kelly noted that Glasgow had a fire-boat named "St. Mungo" operated by Glasgow Fire Service, moored at Yorkhill Quay at the entrance to Queens Dock,  and crewed by firemen based in Yorkhill Fire Station (just across the road from Yorkhill Quay.)  Does anyone have a photograph of "St. Mungo" ?

A. Manson replies :Photographs and history the early and latter St. Mungo Fireboats can be seen by going on website "St. Mungo Fireboat"

CAN YOU HELP    Blue funnel liner "Pyrrhus" is shown as arriving on 16th July 1958 (see the image) at berth 3 King George V Dock, head South, bow 5 1/2 ...something...into berth 4.   Any idea what the 5 1/2 something is ?

Ref. "Pyrrhus Berthing. The large timber or metal doors on the dockside of the cargo sheds are referred to as Blinds. There may six or seven of these so the bow or stern of a vessel may be sited in a position relative to the blinds.

CAN YOU HELP   The coaster "Salling" arrived at KG5 on 16th July 1958 from " ? " (see the image)  Can anyone hazard a guess what the place "" is ?

A Manson replies "Destination of "Salling" could possibly have Ghent, Belgium."

CAN YOU HELP.   Princes Dock logbook shows these vessels arriving, but the writing is hard to read.   Can you make out the names?


Click on these images to enlarge them

First is maybe.... Cruzeiro Do Sul

Below it is maybe.... Templar

Further down is maybe... Kaduna ...or Kadura

Further down maybe... La Manche

Just below that ......Barbanihalis (or something)

Still further down..... Prins W J or G Frerderick

And also on that page for 28th June at 2045 arrives "Somme" at berth 65 annexe.   I had never heard of "65 annexe"     Can anyone enlighten me? 

A Manson replies "berth 65 Plantation was an Annex abutting on the West end of Mavisbank Quay."    and Kaduna was owned by Paddy Henderson, vessels trading to Burma and associated areas.

Prinz Willem 1V and Prinz W J Fredrick were owned by Dutch Company Oranje Lijn and traded to, and spent some time in the Great Lakes.