Glasgow And Ships Of The Clyde

Ship: GLEN SHIEL (1959-1973 General cargo motor coaster 109 feet long of Hay Hamilton Ltd, Glasgow : Sank 1973)

Port of Registry: Glasgow
Net Tonnage: 89
Reg Tonnage: -
Gross Tonnage: 195
Deadweight Tonnage: 265

On 29th June 1973 GLEN SHIEL sinks off Lady Isle, Firth of Clyde.

Glen Shiel left Ayr at 4am on 29th June 1973 on a voyage Glasgow-Portree (Isle of Skye) and proceeded North-West across the Firth of Clyde with almost continuous seas blowing over her port side and, without a tarpaulin over her hatch covers, seawater entered the vessel in a constant stream.
This caused her to take a list to port, followed by a shift in her cargo, consisting of 215 tons of coal, and she foundered about 30 minutes later.
She went down very suddenly, taking with her six of her seven man crew.
The vessel now lies in an average depth of 82 feet (25m) on her port side, half buried in silt, oriented 000/180 degrees with her bow pointing towards the south.

Her sunken position is in the Firth of Clyde, 2.75 nautical miles NWN of Ayr Harbour, in 55 29.09N 04 43.05W

Voyage Glasgow to Portree
A motor vessel, steel construction
Length 32.2 metres
Beam 7.41 metres
Draft 2.66 metres
Registered in Glasgow
Gross Tonnage 195
Owned by Glenlight Shipping, Glasgow.
Cargo: 215 tons of coal
Built 1959
Screw propulsion (propeller)
Oil engine.