Glasgow And Ships Of The Clyde

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Thursday, January 8, 1959 @ 0800
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Conducting their business in Great Waters around 9th January 1959

January 1959

ARAMAIC left Port Said Jan 7 on passage Brisbane for Hull

ATHLONE CASTLE left Southampton Jan 8 for Durban

AUCKLAND STAR left Sydney Jan 9 for Brisbane

BENALBANACH left Hong Kong Jan 9 for Grangemouth

BENATTOW at Hong Kong Jan 9 from Hull

BENDIGO left Geelong Jan 8 on passage London for Sydney

BENLAWERS at Rejang Jan 8 for Newcastle

BENRINNES left Hull Jan 9 for Antwerp

BENVEG left Bangkok Jan 9 for Singapore

BLOEMFONTEIN CASTLE left Gravesend Jan 9 for Beira

CARTHAGE at Suez Jan 8 for London

CHUSAN left Colombo Jan 8 for Kobe

CITY OF COVENTRY from Kobe at Hull Jan 7

CITY OF DURHAM left Aden Jan 7 for Bombay

CITY OF KIMBERLEY left Port Said Jan 8 for London

CITY OF PERTH at Dakar Jan 8 for London

DOMINION MONARCH at Sydney Jan 9 from London

EDINBURGH CASTLE at Southampton Jan 9 from Durban

HIMALAYA at Colombo Jan 9 for London

HINAKURA left Auckland Jan 9 for London

KENILWORTH CASTLE left Lourenco Marques Jan 8 for Beira

KOHIMA at Takoradi Jan 8 on passage Lagos for Liverpool

NEW ZEALAND STAR left Cape Town Jan 7 for Beira

OTAIO left Auckland Jan 9 for Avonmouth

PORT DUNEDIN at Bluff Jan 9 for London

PORT NAPIER at Auckland Jan 9 for Dunedin

PRETORIA CASTLE left Cape Town Jan 9 for Durban

QUEEN MARY at Southampton Jan 8 from New York

QUEENSLAND STAR left Gravesend Jan 9 for Brisbane

SOUTHERN CROSS left Suez Jan 8 for Wellington

STIRLING CASTLE at East London Jan 9 for Southampton

STRATHEDEN at Suez Jan 8 for London