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Monday, January 12, 1959 @ 1000
STRATHNAVER (1931-1962 Passenger liner of P & O Line, London) Own Page

Woman stowaway from Adelaide on P & O's STRATHNAVER is allowed to continue on the ship to London

Ship's locationOn board P & O's liner STRATHNAVER homeward bound in the Indian OceanPort of RegistryLondon (England, UK)


   A 19-year-old woman who stowed away on the P & O Liner STRATHNAVER at Adelaide, Australia had good news when she was told that she was being allowed to continue on the ship to London instead of being put ashore at Aden and returned to Australia.

   The woman’s mother had visited a shipping agent’s office in Glasgow and made arrangements to pay her daughter’s fare.

   The woman, who had lived near Glasgow, had emigrated to Australia under the £10 assisted passage scheme – whereby the intending emigrant pays £10 and the Australian Government pays the additional cost of travel to Australia.   A requirement is that the person agrees to reside in Australia for a minimum of two years.

   In this case the Australian Authorities have agreed to waive the two year rule.