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Saturday, December 19, 1953 @ 0850
RIAN (1948-1955 General cargo coaster 43m long of Carebeka N.V., Groningen, Netherlands / Owner: Derk Buining, Groningen, Netherlands) Own Page

Carebeka's coaster RIAN in 1953

Port of RegistryGroningen (Netherlands)
Net Tonnage171
Gross Tonnage353
Deadweght Tonnage410

   Carebeka's coaster RIAN in 1953


 In December 1953 the Carebeka’s Groningen registered coaster RIAN arrived at Ardrossan Harbour from Hamburg.

   The handwriting in the Harbour Log-book is not easy to read.   The master’s name could be Cloinga or Eloinga : can any Netherlands reader tell what the name is ?

   Also the cargo is shown as  “M of Potash” …. What is “M of Potash” ???