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Thursday, January 25, 1962 @ 1535
META (1931-1962 Steam-powered general cargo North-Sea coaster 262 feet long of Glen & Company, Glasgow) Own Page

Glen & Company's META arrives at Glasgow to unload and then load for her final voyage to Gothenburg

Arrived fromGothenburg (Sweden) via BelfastPort of RegistryGlasgow (Scotland, U.K.)
Arrived in berth31 Prince's Dock, Glasgow (head 1 blind in)Gross Tonnage1,575
Sailing forGothenburg (Sweden) via Rothesay Dock (Clydebank, River Clyde)
Sailed from berth30 Prince's Dock, Glasgow
Draught forward on arrival7' 07"
Draught aft on arrival13' 11"
Cargo carried on arrivalGeneral cargo both inwards and outwards (350 tons inward)
Commenced discharge of inward cargo0800 on 26th January
Stevedore discharging inward cargoMain & Pearson Stevedores
Completed discharge of inward cargo1015 on 30th January
Commened loading outward cargo1030 on 30th January
Outward cargo60 tons of general cargo
Stevedore loading outward cargoMain & Pearson Stevedores
Completed loading outward cargo1615 on 30th January
Ships agentGlen & Co. Ltd., 165 St Vincent Street, Glasgow, C 2


At 1230 on 30th January META shifted ahead along the Dock Wall from berth 31 Prince’s Dock to berth 30.

    This was META’s last voyage for F. T. Everard / Glen Line of Glasgow when, at 1625 on 30th January, after being sold, she left Prince’s Dock, Glasgow and moved downriver to Rothesay Dock, Clydebank to complete loading.   META arrived at berth 9 Rothesay Dock, Clydebank, with her head east, at 1830 on 30th January.   Her draught forward was 4’ 00” and aft 14’ 06” and her cargo was part general cargo outwards.

   Main & Pearson Stevedores boarded her at 0800 on 31st January and commenced loading an outward cargo of 505 tons of Coke Breeze and 149 tons of coal bunkers (META used coal not oil for her engines.) 

   META used the dock boatmen at 1220 on 31st January to shift from berth 9 to berth 8 Rothesay Dock and loading of cargo and bunkers was completed at 1815 on 31st August.   Another shifting ship using boatmen at 1850 took her from berth 8 to berth 13 Rothesay Dock.

   With her draught forward now 9’ 00” and aft 15’ 00” META left Rothesay Dock, Clydebank, at 1120 on 1st February on passage around the North of Scotland and across the North Sea to Gothenburg (Sweden) where she discharged her cargo and was then handed over to her new owners A/S Christiania Portland Cement Fabrik, Oslo, Norway, who would use her as a dumb (= with her engines being removed) floating hulk to store cement.