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Saturday, November 19, 1955 @ 1700
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NEELTJE B (1951-1961 General cargo motor coaster 55.75m long of Gebr. Broere N.V., Dordrecht, Netherlands) Own Page

Gebr. Broere motor coaster NEELTJE B collides with C 22 Buoy in the Crosby Channel, Liverpool

Ship's locationCrosby Channel, River Mersey (England, U.K.)Port of RegistryDordrecht (Netherlands)
Net Tonnage320
Gross Tonnage499
Deadweght Tonnage800

The Netherlands motor coaster NEELTJE B which was outbound from Garston to Swansea struck the C 22 Buoy in the Crosby Channel, River Mersey, and started leaking water aboard.

   The ship was turned and docked in Gladstone Dock, Liverpool, where the leak was plugged.

   Next day NEELTJE B entered the Clarence Graving Dock (Dry Dock) Number 2 for permanent repairs.

   The vessel was built in 1951 by De Haan & Oerlehans, Huesden, Netherlands and is owned and managed by Gebr. Broere N.V., Dordrecht, Netherlands and is registered in Dordrecht.