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Tuesday, February 20, 1962 @ 1950
CRESSINGTON (1962-1971 Grab Hopper Dredger 213 feet long of British Transport Commission, Liverpool) Own Page

CRESSINGTON arrives at 5 Yorkhill Quay, Glasgow after trials at Tail-of-the-Bank, off Greenock

Arrived fromTail-of-the-Bank anchorage, Greenock on trials (being a new ship from A. & J. Inglis Ltd., Glasgow)Port of RegistryLiverpool (England)
Arrived in berth5 Yorkhill Quay, Glasgow Net Tonnage613
Draught forward on arrival7' 06"Gross Tonnage1,431
Draught aft on arrival12' 00"
Cargo carried on arrivalLight-ship (= empty of cargo = no cargo on board)
Ships agentA. & J. Inglis Ltd., Pointhouse, Glasgow, C.3. Telephone KELvin 1141