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Thursday, August 27, 1959 @ 0630
LAURENTIA (1947 - 1967 Passenger/cargo liner 455 feet long with Donaldson Line, Glasgow : 1967 Scrapped in Valencia, Spain) Own Page

Donaldson Line's LAURENTIA arrives at Prince's Dock, Glasgow from Montreal, Canada

Arrived fromMontreal (Canada) Port of RegistryGlasgow
Arrived in berth11 / 12 Prince's Dock, Glasgow (with her head east and her bow 5 blinds from east end)Gross Tonnage8249
Sailing forMontreal (Canada)
Sailed from berth17 Prince's Dock, Glasgow
Draught forward on arrival21' 10"
Draught aft on arrival23' 10"
Cargo carried on arrivalGrain 3,250 tons, general cargo 1,236 tons, 37 passengers
Commenced discharge of inward cargo0800 on 27th August
Stevedore discharging inward cargoClyde Stevedoring Company Limited, Prince's Dock, Glasgow S.W.1. Telephone IBRox 2367
Completed discharge of inward cargo1030 on 2nd September
Commened loading outward cargo0800 on 1st September
Outward cargoGeneral cargo 1,340 tons, 3 heavy lifts and 51 passengers
Stevedore loading outward cargoClyde Stevedoring Co. Ltd., Prince's Dock, Glasgow, S.W.1. Telephone IBRox 2367
Heavy lifts loadedFrom floating crane NEWSHOT loaded 3 lifts total 16 tons 15 cwts
Completed loading outward cargo1430 on 2nd September
Draught forward on sailing15' 10"
Draught aft on sailing21' 00"
Vessel on groundFirst low water after arrival, alongside and on even keel, draught 20' 02" forward and 22' 10" aft
Ships agentDonaldson Line, 14 St Vincent Place, Glasgow, C.1, Tel CENtral 3901