Glasgow And Ships Of The Clyde

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Thursday, March 5, 1964 @ 0000
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Shipping at Melbourne (Australia) on 5th March 1964


Melbourne 5 March 1964

Contributed by Tommy Goodwin


ARAWATTA    19 Victoria Dock (sailing 6th for Sydney)

ADEN    20 Victoria Dock

AYRSHIRE    31 South Wharf

AROS    11 North Wharf  (sailing 6th for Newcastle)

BASS TRADER   Due 5th at 0830 at Tasmanian Ferry Terminal 

BASS TRADER   Tasmanian Ferry Terminal  (sailing at 1630 for Devonport)

BRAESIDE    Due 5th from Sydney for 22 Victoria Dock

BULIMBA    16 Victoria Dock

BLYTHE STAR    14 South Wharf (sailing for Geelong)

BINBURRA    13 North Wharf  (sailing 6th for Brisbane)

CANBERRA STAR   (Due 6th from Beira at 17 North Wharf

CENTAUR    Due 6th from Sydney at Outer East Station Pier

CRYSTAL SEA     18 Victoria Dock

CAPE YORK     24 South Wharf

EASTERN ARGOSY    24 Victoria Dock

EASTERN MOON    (Due 6th from Sydney at 12 Victoria Dock

ENFIELD     Williamstown Floating Dock (sailing 6th for Newcastle)

GLADSTONE STAR    Gibbs Bight (sailing 6th for Sydney)

H.M.A.S. QUEENBOROUGH     Inner East Nelson Pier

IRON KING    21 South Wharf

KOMATA    8 Victoria Dock (sailing for New Zealand)

KUMALLA     Due 6th from strahan at 6 Yarraville Wharf

LAKEMBA     Dry Dock

LEMANA    5 North Wharf

MILOS     Due 5th from Adelaide at 9/10 South Wharf 

MOBIL COMET   Due 5th at Gillibrand Pier from Ras Tanura

NEWCASTLE STAR       Inner East Princes Pier

NORTH ESK        13 South Wharf

NUDDEA     D  Appleton Dock

NIDAR     17 South Wharf

ORONSAY     Due at 1700 on 6th from Sydney at Outer West station Pier

PORT NAPIER     28 South Wharf

PORT ST LAWRENCE     Outer West Princes Pier (sailing for Brisbane)

PORT PIRIE     23 Victoria Dock

SIBIGO     17 Victoria Dock (sailing for Sydney)

STRAAT MADURA     27 South Wharf (sailing 6th for Sydney)

STRAAT JOHORE    21 Victoria Dock

SOUTH ESK     7/8 South Wharf  (sailing for Tasmania)

TINNES     3 Newport Wharf  (sailing for Sydney)

TJILUWAH     29 South Wharf

TUNGUS    32 South Wharf

WAIANA    Due 6th from New Zealand at 8 Victoria Dock

WHAKATANE      C  Appleton Dock

YANDERRA    Due 5th from Devonport at Tasmanian Ferry Terminal 

YANDERRA     Tasmanian Ferry Terminal  (sailing for Burnie)

ZARATARUSTRA   18 South Wharf