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Monday, July 1, 1963 @ 1000
ACTUAL DATE and TIME are unknown and those shown are our best estimate
ACCRA (1947- 1967 Passenger / cargo liner 453 feet long of Elder Dempster Lines, Liverpool)) Own Page

July 1963 saw a drowning in the swimming pool of Elder Dempster’s ACCRA nearing Freetown

Port of RegistryLiverpool (England, UK)

Margaret Taylor writes :


Many moons ago - July of 1963 - my husband and I and two

daughters traveled from Liverpool to Lagos on Elder Dempster

Line`s ACCRA. During the voyage - the day before arriving at

Freetown, if I remember rightly, a passenger returning home to

Nigeria was tragically drowned during an event in the ship`s

swimming pool. My husband, a doctor, was going to Nigeria

  to work at University College Hospital, Ibadan. He spent hours

on deck trying to save the victim`s life.

It is an event which has been in my memory for 55 years - a rare

and unexpected tragedy for an historic and well-known shipping line.