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Wednesday, June 3, 2020 @ 1245
H.M.S.MAIDSTONE (1938-1978 Submarine Depot Ship 497 ft (151 m) of Royal Navy, London : 1978 scrapped at Inverkeithing, Fife) Own Page

Where did the Royal Navy families from H.M.S.MAIDSTONE stay in Rothesay ?

Port of RegistryAdmiralty (Royal Navy, London)

Where did the Royal Navy families stay in Rothesay ?


E-mail 03 June 2020 from Helen G (Glasgow)


   As a young girl in 1960s my parents and I often visited my

aunt in Rothesay …(Isle of Bute, Firth of Clyde,)

   It was exciting to see a big Royal Navy ship, I remember

her name was MAIDSTONE, and she was anchored in the bay. 

  There was always submarines about her and sailors in

uniform in the town.

   My aunt used to tell that some sailors and their families

stayed in “Navy Houses” in Rothesay.   Does anyone know

where the houses were ?