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Thursday, December 9, 1954 @ 1125
ARDGLEN (1953-1972 General cargo coaster 221 feet long of P MacCallum & Sons, Greenock: 1982 Scrapped) Own Page

MacCallum's coaster ARDGLEN arrives at Windmillcroft Quay, Glasgow to load dried fruit for Hamburg

Arrived fromPort Glasgow (Firth of Clyde, Scotland, U.K.)Port of RegistryGreenock (UK)
Arrived in berth23 Windmillcroft Quay, GlasgowNet Tonnage496
Sailing forHamburg (Germany)Gross Tonnage1,044
Sailed from berth23 Windmillcroft Quay, Glasgow via Old Kilpatrick, Glasgow where she would bunker with oil fuelDeadweght Tonnage1,338
Draught forward on arrival7' 00"
Draught aft on arrival10' 03"
Cargo carried on arrivalLight-ship (= empty of cargo = no cargo on board)
Commened loading outward cargo0800 on 10th December
Outward cargoDried Fruit
Stevedore loading outward cargoR P Shaw & Sons, 24 Prince's Dock, Glasgow, S.W.1. Telephone IBRox 2454
Completed loading outward cargo1145 on 18th December
Draught forward on sailing11' 06"
Draught aft on sailing16' 06"