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Monday, June 8, 2020 @ 1130
DATE is correct but ACTUAL TIME is unknown : the time shown is our best estimate
WILSON ALMERIA (2010- General cargo ship 88m long of Bojen Schiffahrtsbetrieb GmbH & Co KG ms "Haye Ikenson") Own Page

WILSON ALMERIA arrives in River Clyde to load scrap metal at Diesel Wharf, Glasgow

Arrived fromGlasson Dock, EnglandPort of RegistryValletta (Malta)
Arrived in berthDiesel Wharf, Whiteinch, Glasgow
Sailing forLiverpool (England, U.K.)
Sailed from berthDiesel Wharf, Whiteinch, Glasgow
Cargo carried on arrivalLight-ship (= empty of cargo = no cargo on board)
Outward cargoScrap metal

All images courtesy of Ally Mackenzie (Facebook profile is Ally Mackenzie)


    Ally writes :

I have been taking pictures today on the Clyde, and I

managed to catch cargo ship WILSON ALMERIA on

her way to Diesel Wharf, Glasgow to load scrap

metal for Liverpool.

  After Liverpool she would return to the Firth of

Clyde, this time to Ayr.


   I have attached photos of the cargo ship

WILSON ALMERIA as she approached the Renfrew

Ferry and on to the Diesel Wharf.

The first photo shows the cargo ship ALMERIA passing

Rothesay Dock.

  She is owned by Wilson's a Norwegian Shipping

Company and home port is Valletta in Malta.

  Photo two shows ALMERIA just about to pass the

Renfrew ferry. 

Photo three shows the Renfrew Ferry moving

across to Yoker

as ALMERIA sails by. 

Photo four shows the ALMERIA sailing up to

the Elderslie dry docks.

  Photo five shows HMS SPEY in Elderslie dry dock No3. 

Photo six and seven shows ALMERIA on her way to