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Monday, June 8, 2020 @ 1430
ASTINA (2006- Chemical / Oil products tanker 130m long of Veritas Tankers, Donso)) Own Page

Swedish tanker ASTINA arrives at Rothesay Dock, Clydebank, Scotland

Arrived fromKalundborg (Denmark)Port of RegistryDonso (Sweden)
Arrived in berthRothesay Dock, Clydebank (Scotland) ... assisted by tugs BATTLER and ANGLEGARTHGross Tonnage7,636
Cargo carried on arrivalOil GradesDeadweght Tonnage11,283

All images are courtesy of Ally Mackenzie (Facebook profile is Ally Mackenzie)  


Ally writes :

I have been editing the photos of the tanker ASTINA when she

visited Rothesay Dock on the 8th of June at 2.30pm, and

shortly after WILSON ALMERIA docked at the Diesel Wharf.


ASTINA is a Swedish registered ship, and flying under a Swedish flag.

She has sailed from Kalundborg, Denmark with her cargo of oil grades.  Her

pilot tug on the Clyde was BATTLER and the stern tug was ANGLEGARTH.

   I have enclosed photos of ASTINA on the Clyde as she enters Rothesay

Dock stern first with tugs ANGLEGARTH and BATTLER.


This is a lengthy photo shoot but I like to catch the tugs

in action because they are often overlooked but are a vital

piece of the anatomy of the Clyde. 


Photo one shows BATTLER and the bow of ASTINA.


 Second photo shows ASTINA with stern tug ANGLEGARTH.


  Photo three shows ANGLEGARTH pulling on the stern of ASTINA

and pivoting her round.


  Photo four,  shows BATTLER, ASTINA and ANGLEGARTH.


 Photo five. shows BATTLER moving towards the confluence

of the Rivers Clyde and River Cart.


 Photo six shows ANGLEGARTH and the stern of ASTINA.


 Photo seven shows the bow of ASTINA with BATTLER in

the background.


  Photo eight shows the tugs and ASTINA lined up and ready to enter the dock

stern first.


  Photo nine, shows ANGLEGARTH and the stern of ASTINA

in Rothesay Dock. 


   Photo 10, ASTINA in dock.


  And the rest of the photos shows ASTINA as she is

moored in the dock.


I hope you like them.