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Thursday, September 23, 1965 @ 2145
MATURATA (1955-1969 General cargo liner 472 feet long of T & J Brocklebank, Liverpool) Own Page

Brocklebank Line's MATURATA arrives at Plantation Quay, Glasgow to load for Calcutta via Birkenhead

Arrived fromLiverpool (England, U.K.)Port of RegistryLiverpool (England, UK)
Arrived in berth65 Plantation Quay, Glasgow Net Tonnage3,724
Draught forward on arrival9' 00"Gross Tonnage7,365
Draught aft on arrival13' 07"Deadweght Tonnage8,920
Cargo carried on arrivalLight-ship (= empty of cargo = no cargo on board)
Ships agentPatrick Henderson & Co., 95 Bothwell Street, Glasgow, C.2. Tel CENtral 9467