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Friday, June 19, 2020 @ 2230
AZAMARA QUEST (2007- Cruise Liner 181.00 m (593 ft 10 in) of Azamara Club Cruises) Own Page

Cruise liner AZAMARA QUEST in River Clyde to lay up in King George V Dock, Glasgow

Ship's locationRiver Clyde, Glasgow
Arrived fromDubai via Southampton


  All images courtesy of Ally Mackenzie (Facebook profile is Ally Mackenzie)


Ally writes :

I photographed the AZAMARA QUEST as she arrived in Glasgow last night, 19th

of June at 2230 hours. 

She had sailed from Dubai via Southampton and docked at the King

George V  Dock at 2315 hours, and joined her sister ship,


Both ships are laid up because of the Covid-19 pandemic.


I have enclosed photos as she arrives in the upper Clyde.


The first photo shows AZAMARA QUEST with pilot tug AYTON CROSS

and stern tug SVITZER MILFORD with the Erskine Bridge in the

background just passing the Golden Jubilee Hospital at Dalmuir.


Second photo shows tugs with AZAMARA QUEST passing Titan, Clydebank.


Third photo is of AZAMARA QUEST with SVITZER MILFORD. 


Fourth photo is AZAMARA passing the Clyde/Cart confluence. 


Fifth photo is stern of AZAMARA QUEST and SVITZER MILFORD.


I hope you like them.