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Wednesday, June 24, 2020 @ 1430
AZAMARA JOURNEY (2000 - Cruise Liner of Azamara Club Cruises) Own Page

AZAMARA JOURNEY passes Clydebank (River Clyde) on her way upriver to Glasgow

Ship's locationPassing Clydebank, River Clyde, inbound to King George V Dock, GlasgowGross Tonnage30,277

All images courtesy of Ally Mackenzie (Facebook profile is Ally Mackenzie)


Ally writes :

Today is the 24th June and I photographed the cargo

ship EEMS DOVER and the cruise ship AZAMARA JOURNEY

as they both made their way to the KGV Dock at Shieldhall.

  EEMS DOVER arrived at Clydebank at 1400 hours and

was due at the Riverside Quay, King George V Dock,

Glasgow at 1430 hours.  AZAMARA JOURNEY arrived

at 1430 hours and due in the KGV Dock at 1515 hours.


I have enclosed the photos which I took as the ships

sailed up the Clyde at Clydebank and passing

Titan crane.


 Photo one shows AZAMARA JOURNEY at Clydebank.

 She has sailed from Salalah, Oman and her pilot tug

on the Clyde was AYTON CROSS and stern tug is ANGLEGARTH.


  Photo two shows tug AYTON CROSS and AZAMARA JOURNEY

at Clydebank Titan.


  Photo three shows AZAMARA JOURNEY and Titan Crane.


  Photo four shows the Captain and crew responding to their warm Clydeside welcome.


  Photo five shows AZAMARA JOURNEY.


  Photo six shows stern and stern tug ANGLEGARTH.


Just one more photo of the three cruise ships at the KGV Dock,



I hope you like them.