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Thursday, August 20, 2020 @ 1325
AASFJORD (2006- Self discharger general cargo / bulk carrier 113.76m long of Aasen Shipping, Mosterhamm, Norway) Own Page

Gibraltar registered AASFJORD nears King George V Dock, Glasgow with cement from Port Talbot

Arrived fromPort Talbot (Wales, U.K.) Port of RegistryGibraltar
Cargo carried on arrivalCementGross Tonnage4,266
Deadweght Tonnage6,300

It was a heavily overcast day, frequent showers of rain,

with a strong and cold easterly wind when AASFJORD

was inbound on the River Clyde and passing, on the

north bank, the B Ae Systems shipyard at Scotstoun

and on the south bank the modern Braehead Shopping

Centre, and approaching her destination, King

George V Dock, Glasgow.


Images 1, 2 and 3 show AASFJORD passing the B Ae yard.


Image 4 shows her funnel (stack)


Images 5, 6 and 7 show AASFJORD approaching King

George V Dock and ahead of her can be seen the giant

150 feet tall, 150 ton cantilever crane which was built

in 1920 for the Barclay, Curle shipyard at Whiteinch,

Glasgow.   The crane, though derelict, decaying and

disused, is preserved as an historic monument.

   Just under the crane can be seen the Faversham

Shipping cargo ship VERITY which had arrived at 0125

that morning from Ayr (Firth of Clyde) and berthed at

Diesel Wharf and was loading a cargo of scrap metal

for Liverpool.

   Also seen is the Holyhead Towing Company

multipurpose tug / workboat AFON CEFNI, which

was working on underwater operations on the bed

of the River Clyde at Shieldhall, Glasgow.