Glasgow And Ships Of The Clyde

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Friday, July 1, 1960 @ 1525
AUSPICITY (1955-1972 Coastal tanker 142 feet long of F T Everard, London : 1973 scrapped at Perama, Greece)) Own Page

Everard's coastal tanker AUSPICITY arrives at Shieldhall, Glasgow with 300 tons of Groundnut Oil

Arrived fromAvonmouth (England)Port of RegistryLondon (England, U.K.)
Arrived in berth2 Riverside Quay, Shieldhall, Glasgow (with her head west)
Sailing forAvonmouth (England, U.K.)
Sailed from berthBromborough (England) via Dunglass (River Clyde) ... she would bunker fuel oil at Dunglass
Cargo carried on arrivalGroundnut Oil 300 tons
Commenced discharge of inward cargo1720 on 1st July
Completed discharge of inward cargo1100 on 2nd July
Outward cargoLight-ship (= empty of cargo = no cargo on board)