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Tuesday, November 17, 1959 @ 1915
MANCHESTER FAITH (1959-1965 then 1966-1969 General cargo ship 379 feet overall of Manchester Liners Ltd., Manchester) Own Page

MANCHESTER FAITH arrives at Ardrossan Harbour from Preston for engine repairs

Vessel MasterJ JonesPort of RegistryManchester (England, U.K.)
Arrived fromPreston, (England, U.K.)Gross Tonnage4,459
Arrived in berthArdrossan Harbour (Firth of Clyde, Scotland, U.K.) ... assisted by tugs CAMPAIGNER and VANGUARD
Draught aft on arrival16' 03"
Cargo carried on arrivalGeneral cargo
Ships agentR L Alpine & Co. Ltd., Winton Buildings, Ardrossan Telephone Ardrossan 65 / 66


   17th November 1959 and the Manchester Liners cargo

ship MANCHESTER FAITH arrived off Ardrossan Harbour

  (Firth of Clyde, Scotland).

  Her engines had “broken down” and she had been

towed from Preston, England, by the Clyde tug CAMPAIGNER

(Captain E Docherty), of Steel & Bennie Ltd.   Ardrossan

Shipyard had been engaged to make repairs to her engines.


   Off Ardrossan the tow was met by another Steel & Bennie

tug VANGUARD (Captain Hendry) and the tugs brought the

Manchester Liner into the harbour, berthing at 1915.


   At 0955 on 19th November, with her engines repaired,

MANCHESTER FAITH was manoeuvered from Ardrossan

 Harbour by the harbour tug SEAWAY and the Clyde tug

CAMPAIGNER and she left on her interrupted passage to

Montreal (Canada).