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Saturday, February 10, 1962 @ 0500
ELYSIA (1945-1973 General cargo liner 497 feet long of Anchor Line, Glasgow) Own Page

Anchor Line's ELYSIA arrives at Prince's Dock, Glasgow from Bombay via Liverpool

Arrived fromBombay (India) via LiverpoolPort of RegistryGlasgow
Arrived in berth7 / 8 Prince's Dock, Glasgow (with head west, 2 blinds from west end of berth 8)Gross Tonnage6,936
Sailing forYorkhill Quay, Glasgow
Sailed from berth6 Prince's Dock, Glasgow
Draught forward on arrival19' 01"
Draught aft on arrival22' 06"
Cargo carried on arrivalGeneral cargo 3,767 tons
Commenced discharge of inward cargo0800 on 10th February
Stevedore discharging inward cargoJames Spencer & Company, 165 Finnieston Street, Glasgow, C 3 Tel CEN 5224 (5 lines)
Completed discharge of inward cargo1415 on 19th February
Outward cargoLight-ship (= empty of cargo = no cargo on board)
Draught forward on sailing11' 02"
Draught aft on sailing20' 00"
Ships agentAnchor Line, 14 St Vincent Place, Glasgow, C.1. Telephone CENtral 9809