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Monday, October 19, 2020 @ 1434
S D RELIABLE (2009- Ship-handling and coastal tug of Serco Denholm Marine Services, London) Own Page

Tug S D RELIABLE and barge S D 1710 U pass Custom House Quay, Greenock

Ship's locationPassing Custom House Quay, Greenock Port of RegistryLondon (England, U.K.)
Gross Tonnage271

It was a thoroughly unpleasant day to take photographs.

   Thick overcast sky, continual heavy rain with fierce

squalls and poor visibility.

   “Teeming down” or “pouring down” as they

say in the west of Scotland.


   At 1414 hours the Serco Denholm tug S D RELIABLE left

Great Harbour, Greenock with the unmanned fuel barge

S D 1710 U  fast alongside.   It’s not known where they

were bound.   Possibly the Royal Navy base at Faslane

in the Gare Loch or the NATO fuelling facility at

Loch Striven.   Who knows ?


   1434 hours and the pair passed Custom House Quay,

Greenock.  The tug was seen to be moving astern on

her passage.


In the last image just above the tug's bow is

a small vessel named TONKA.  

   You may be surprised where it has been.