Glasgow And Ships Of The Clyde

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Thursday, November 19, 1959 @ 0800
DATE is correct but ACTUAL TIME is unknown : the time shown is our best estimate
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Conducting their business in Great Waters around 19th November 1959

ANDES left Las Palmas (Canary Islands) 17 November for Southampton 

ARCADIA left Melbourne 18 November for Sydney 

BENATTOW at Singapore 19 November for Port Swettenham (Malaysia)

BENCRUACHAN at Hong Kong 19 November for Pusan (South Korea)

BENDORAN at Rotterdam 19 November for London

BENLOYAL left Bangkok (Thailand) 19 November for Iloilo (Philippines)

BENMACDHUI left Port Said (Egypt) 19 November for Liverpool

BENREOCH left Port Said (Egypt) 18 November for London

BENVEG left Singapore 19 November for Bangkok (Thailand)

BENWYVIS at Wellington (New Zealand) for Napier (New Zealand)

CAPE FRANKLIN from Wabana (Canada) at Tail of the Bank (Greenock) on 19 November

CAPE HAWKE from Curacao (Lesser Antilles, Caribbean Sea) at Liverpool 19 November

CHESHIRE at Port Said (Egypt) 18 November for Rangoon (Burma)

CHUSAN at Bombay (India) 19 November for London

CITY OF EXETER at Las Palmas (Canary Islands) 18 November for Beira (Mozambique)

CITY OF HULL at Port Elizabeth (South Africa) 18 November for Beira (Mozambique)

CITY OF LIVERPOOL left Durban (South Africa)  18 November for London

CITY OF NEWPORT left Suez (Egypt) 18 November for Chalna (East Pakistan / Bangladesh)

CITY OF WINNIPEG at Suez (Egypt) 19 November for London

EGIDIA at Suez (Egypt) 18 November for Liverpool

IBERIA left Aden (Yemen) 17 November for London

MALAKAND at Aden (Yemen) on passage from Glasgow to Chalna (East Pakistan / Bangladesh)

QUEEN ELIZABETH left New York 18 November for Southampton

QUEEN MARY left Southampton 19 November for New York

SANTONA called at Montreal (Canada) 18 November on passage from Glasgow to the Great Lakes

SUCCESSOR at Barbados (an island country in Lesser Antilles in Caribbean Sea) 18 November from London

SYLVANIA left Liverpool 18 November for Montreal (Canada)