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Wednesday, April 3, 1963 @ 1240
GRANTON OSPREY ( 1960 - 1970 Deep-sea fishing trawler GN19 of William Carnie / Carnie & Croan, Granton) Own Page

Deep Sea Trawler GRANTON OSPREY arrives at Ardrossan Harbour with 985 boxes of fish

Arrived fromDeep sea fishing groundsPort of RegistryGranton, Edinburgh
Arrived in berthArdrossan Harbour (Firth of Clyde, Scotland, U.K.)Reg Tonnage79
Sailing forDeep sea fishing grounds
Sailed from berthArdrossan Harbour (Firth of Clyde, Scotland, U.K.)
Master of vessel on arrivalR Telford
Draught aft on arrival12' 06"
Cargo carried on arrivalFish 985 boxes
Outward cargoLight-ship (= empty of cargo = no cargo on board) ... with oil bunkers
Draught aft on sailing13' 00"
Ships agentCarnie & Croan, Granton