Glasgow And Ships Of The Clyde

Ship: AMERICAN SCIENTIST (1947 - 1969 cargo ship 459 feet overall of United States Lines, New York : 1970 scrapped at Kaohsiung, Taiwan)

Port of Registry: New York
Net Tonnage: 4,954
Reg Tonnage: -
Gross Tonnage: 8,239
Deadweight Tonnage: 10,519

Andy Armstrong e-mails about AMERICAN SCIENTIST
I worked on this ship as a docker when she was in Glasgow, and was impressed with her fittings and furniture and accommodation.
It was the first American ship I had been on, although other Americans had been in Meadowside
Enclosed are details which are on the internet.

A C2-S-B1 Standard laid down as Messenger by Moore Dry Dock Co., Oakland, California.
She was launched as a 9150 ton steam turbine vessel with a 15.5 knot service speed on 11 November 1942.
She was completed on 31 July 1943 for the US Navy as a transport (AP 95) and renamed Sheridan.
She was then re-classified as an attack transport (APA 51).
In 1946 she was transferred to the USMC before being purchased by United States Lines Co. in 1947 and renamed American Scientist,
She served the company well for almost 20 years when on 3 July 1969 she caught fire after an explosion in her boiler room while at Rodman Naval Base, Panama Canal Zone under-going repairs during an interrupted voyage from Beaumont to Manila with a military cargo.
The damage was so extensive that she was deemed a total loss.
She was laid up at Balboa and sold to Shieh Sheng Fa Steel, Kaohsiung who began demolition during March 1970.