Glasgow And Ships Of The Clyde

Ship: GRANTON OSPREY ( 1960 - 1970 Deep-sea fishing trawler GN19 of William Carnie / Carnie & Croan, Granton)

Port of Registry: Granton, Edinburgh
Net Tonnage: -
Reg Tonnage: 79
Gross Tonnage: -
Deadweight Tonnage: -

Willie Sutherland writes :
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Built 1960 Richard Dunston, Hessle (Steel)

Yard No 768

Owner at New William Carnie Ltd, Granton Edinburgh (William Carnie owner/manager)

ID no 300603

Launch Date 27.02.1960

Completed 05.1960

Gross Tons 230

Nett Tons 78

Engine 720 hp 4SA 6-cyl by Ruston Hornsby, Lincoln

Length 108.6ft

Breadth 23.9ft

Depth 11.9ft


Registered at Granton GN 19
1967 Owned by Carnie & Croan Ltd, Granton Edinburgh (William Carnie manager).
1969 Owned by Croan Trawlers Ltd, Granton Edinburgh (Joe Croan manager)
1970 Owned by British United Trawlers (Scotland) Ltd, Granton Edinburgh

Ran aground on Bressay Island, Shetland during hurricane force winds. Crew rescued by Lerwick Lifeboat. Later refloated.
05.1977 Owned by Putford Enterprises & Whapload Engineering, Lowestoft and converted to ORSV (Oil Rig Safety / Supply Vessel)
1977 Granton registry closed.
1977 Converted to ORSV (Oil Rig Safety / Supply Vessel).
1984 Re - Engined with a 500hp Ruston unit.
1984 Owned by Putford Enterprises Ltd, Lowestoft.
1984 Renamed "PUTFORD OSPREY"
1993 Owned by owners in Lisbon Portugal
1993 Renamed "FORD OSPREY"
1993 Stranded and lost at Vila do Condo Portugal