Glasgow And Ships Of The Clyde

Ship: GIACINTO MOTTA (1955-1967 General cargo ship 543 feet overall : sank 23 July 1967 off Camp Island, Newfoundland)

Port of Registry: Italy
Net Tonnage: -
Reg Tonnage: -
Gross Tonnage: -
Deadweight Tonnage: 15,800


On July 23, 1967, the World Mermaid, a Liberian
vessel, and the Giacinto Motta, an Italian vessel,
collided off Camp Islands in dense fog. The cause
of the accident was "negligent navigation" by both
vessels. The Giacinto Motta sank, taking down a
load of cargo valued at over two million dollars, but
not before the crew and three passengers were able
to escape in lifeboats. Eight hours after the mishap,
the survivors arrived at Camp Islands, where they
were assisted by Keeper Lancelot Bartlett and his
assistant. The Italian Government later commended
the keepers for assisting in the rescue.