Glasgow And Ships Of The Clyde

Ship: HARRY R JONES (1916-1960 Great Lakes cargo carrier 468 feet long of Interlake Steamship Company)

Port of Registry: USA or Canada
Net Tonnage: -
Reg Tonnage: -
Gross Tonnage: -
Deadweight Tonnage: -

We are greatly indebted to John Dunlap, USA, who provides the following very interesting background on "Harry R Jones"
I'm attaching a copy of my Jones Record. I've gathered the info from various sources, and keep adding as any additional info comes to light on Boatnerd, or a journal article, etc. As a unit of the Interlake fleet, Jones' main cargo would have been iron ore. Her trade route would have been loading at an upper Great Lakes port -Allouez (Superior) Wisconsin, Ashland Wisconsin, and Marquette or Escanaba Michigan. Her destination would be the lower Lakes -South Chicago, Ashtabula Ohio, Buffalo N.Y. She'd get the occasional load of coal from Ashtabula, Lorain or Toledo Ohio to take back up to a head-of-the-Lakes port.
Jones probably carried 7000 tons. 10,000-ton carriers were built as early as 1905. The last wave of Lakers was built in the 70's and 80's, and they can float 60,000 tons and more, depending on the depth of the channels connecting the Lakes.
When sold by Interlake, Jones was economically obsolete. Her new owner, Cargo Carriers, was owned by Cargill Inc., and she was used mainly in the grain trade, where cargo size is not such an issue.

Record of Lake Freighter
Name Owner Year Builder/Hull Number
D. G. Kerr i US 157696 Provident Steamship Company, 1903 Superior Shipbuilding Company, hull 509
A. B. Wolvin, Manager Dimensions Oa 468 x 52 x 28
Pittsburgh Steamship Company, Manager 1911 Engine/Hp 15-23?-36?-56 x 40, 1310ihp
Interlake Steamship Company, 1913 Boilers 2 water tube @ 250psi
Pickands, Mather & Company, Manager Gross/Net Tonnage 5531 / 3991
Harry R. Jones 1916
Cargo Carriers, Inc. 1955
Ferrotar Corp., Wilmington 1960

1903 launched May 20.
1911 James H. Hoyt, D. G. Kerr i, and James H. Reed, all owned by the Provident Steamship Company, were managed by Pittsburgh Steamship Company from 1911 through 1913.
1913 purchased by Interlake at the end of the season.
1915 reconstructed with arches.
1958 damaged by grounding in the Detroit River in November. After drydocking, it was determined that repair could not be justified. She was then used for grain storage in the Buffalo harbor for about 18 months, and sold for scrap.
1960 sold for scrap, and towed out of the Seaway in the fall by James Battle and Helen McAllister.
1961 broke her tow line and grounded off the southwest coast of Scotland, at Ardrossan, on January 6. Released on February 15, and arrived at Troon on the same day. She was scrapped at Troon by West of Scotland Shipbreaking Co., Ltd.

Harry R Jones (as D G Kerr) at a coal loading berth, courtesy of John Dunlap Harry R Jones (as D G Kerr) during her working life, courtesy of John Dunlap
D G Kerr (Harry R Jones) at Reis's Coal Dock, Superior, Wisconsin, courtesy of John Dunlap