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Friday, June 22, 1962 @ 1000
The date is correct but time is unknown and the time shown here is only our best estimate
SEALIGHT (1930-1963 Steam engined general cargo Clyde puffer lighter 86 feet long of Light Shipping Co. / Ross & Marshall Ltd : 1964 scrapped at Troon)) Own Page

SEALIGHT broke down and anchored near Cumbrae (Firth of Clyde) and then towed to Ardrossan Harbour

Ship's locationBroke down and anchored near Cumbrae (Firth of Clyde) and then towed to Ardrossan HarbourPort of RegistryGreenock (Firth of Clyde, Scotland, U.K.)
Cargo carried on arrivalLight-ship = no cargo on boardGross Tonnage154
Ships agentRoss & Marshall Ltd., 98 West George Street, Glasgow, C.2. Tel DOUglas 4294

    SEALIGHT had just finished an almost two weeks of repair and maintenance at the Ross & Marshall yard in Greenock, and the previous day (21 June) raised steam in her 2-Cylinder compound steam engine.

   Early on 22nd June SEALIGHT left Greenock for Troon to load 150 tons 18 hundredweights of coal for N. Beaton coal merchants of Portree (Isle of Skye).

   Probably around 1000hrs the vessel broke down off the Cumbraes (Firth of Clyde).   The weather was bad, and the master anchored the vessel for safety.

   The Company daily diary records the breakdown as “bottom ends heated up”.

   The master attracted the attention of CALANUS, the Cumbrae-based research vessel of the University of Glasgow, and CALANUS towed SEALIGHT to the relatively-nearby Ardrossan Harbour, arriving there at 1520hrs.

   CALANUS left Ardrossan for Cumbrae at 1615hrs and the crew of SEALIGHT repaired the breakdown and the puffer left Ardrossan at 0700hrs the next morning (23 June) to finish her two hour passage to Troon.