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Thursday, June 7, 1962 @ 1625
GLENCLOY (1930-1966 Clyde Puffer lighter 66 feet long of G & G Hamilton)) Own Page

Clyde Puffer GLENCLOY arrives at Ardrossan Harbour to load drums of bitumen for Stornoway

Arrived fromLoch Sunart (Ardnamurchan peninsula, west highlands of Scotland)Port of RegistryGlasgow (Scotland, U.K.)
Arrived in berthArdrossan Harbour (Scotland, U.K.)Gross Tonnage120
Sailing forStornoway (Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, Western Isles of Scotland, U.K.)
Sailed from berthArdrossan Harbour (Scotland, U.K.)
Master of vessel on arrivalW Heath
Draught aft on arrival8' 00"
Cargo carried on arrivalLight ship = no cargo on board
Outward cargoBitumen in drums
Draught aft on sailing10' 00"
Ships agentR L Alpine, Winton Buildings, Ardrossan