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Sunday, September 3, 1967 @ 1300
The date is correct but time is unknown and the time shown here is only our best estimate
PORT VINDEX (1947-1971 General cargo ship of Port Line, London : 1971 Scrapped) Own Page

Port Line's PORT VINDEX attempts to recover a capsized trimaran off Gabo Island (Australia)

Ship's locationOff Gabo Island (Victoria, Australia)Port of RegistryLondon (UK)
Gross Tonnage10,489

Gabo Island is a 154-hectare (380-acre) island located off the coast of eastern Victoria, Australia, between Mallacoota and Cape Howe on the border with New South Wales.[1] It is separated from the mainland by a 500-metre (1,600 ft) wide channel; access is available by arranged flights and boats.[2] Gabo Island is a shipping reference commonly referred to in Victorian weather warnings issued by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. The island is an unincorporated area under the direct administration of the government of Victoria.